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About us

Why is this place special?

ExamRoom Live Our Story

Our story

ExamRoom Live is developed by JopeConnect a San Diego based team with an extensive background in medical, finance, business development, and software development. 

Our values

Our goal with ExamRoom Live is to offer a HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal that is quick to set up, easy to use, and saves you time. With a mature feature set and a simple design, we believe we can help narrow the digital divide and increase health equity through technology.


Our culture

JopeConnect is a place where innovative minds get together with one goal: enhancing processes in an exciting and useful way. The opportunities for technological applications are endless. So letโ€™s work together to solve our problems and grow your business! Our passion is to foster ideas of innovation, then execute by bringing them into reality.


Each member of the JopeConnect team brings unique experiences and insights gathered from years of consulting in a variety of industries in a number of locales. This is what makes the JopeConnect team so effective:

  • Open communication
  • A diverse group of professionals
  • Overlapping experiences and skillsets
  • One common goal, innovation

Whats going on behind the scenes at ExamRoom Live?