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HIPAA compliant telehealth
designed for the way you work.

Choose the features you need. Collect copays, send eFax, manage time cards, chat with patients, and more. Best of all: start seeing patients in less than 10 minutes from signup! It's really that easy.

Manage important business functions from a single platform.

ExamRoom Live was developed with an extensive feature set aimed at making the most of telehealth. However, you have the freedom to choose the specific features that will help your unique team. This means you only have to pay for the things that matter to you. Our goal is simple, we want to allow your team to work from anywhere, see more patients, and be more productive than ever! 

We are confident in our product and know you will love it if you try it, so all subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial. If you are not satisfied with ExamRoom Live after 14 days, you can cancel inside the app without the hassle of talking to a salesperson.



HD video connections so you can see patients clearly without an app download. This helps providers triage patients more quickly and fill in no-shows. 

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule and send reminders for In-Person and Telehealth visits with an easy to use calendar. Filter by provider, visit type, or patient. View by month, week, or day.

A la Carte Features

Whether your team is made of digital natives or newbies, ExamRoom Live is the right choice. Start with a single feature and grow from there and only pay for what you use.

Bye Bye, Passwords

ExamRoom Live uses one time codes and social logins instead of passwords, making your practice more secure and your team's life easier. This will ensure you never get locked out and stay productive.


We get it: faxes are still a part of business. That doesn't mean we can't improve the experience. Manage multiple numbers, sort, filter, and more from a single page. 

Secure Patient Messaging

HIPPA compliant patient messaging allows you to share forms and sensitive details directly with your patients. You can even edit or recall messages if something changes. 

Time Tracking

Time clock allows for no-touch clocking in/out from mobile phones or workstations. Managers can run reports, edit time entries, and optionally view check-in geo-locations. 


Not everyone on staff needs to see everything. Customize permissions for each module. Rest easy knowing info is secure and you're only paying for what's in use. See how it works.


Payment Center 

Collect copays over the phone wherever you are and send receipts by SMS or email. Our payment solution is competitively priced and PCI Compliant. See how it works.

Office Chat

HIPAA compliant office chat allows staff to communicate quickly in groups or directly with one another. Share forms, get patient updates, and general office announcements.

Text Messaging

With SMS, you can keep in contact with your patients and vendors with ease. Meet your patients where they are over their preferred modality. 

Custom Development

Ever wish there was a magical solution for your most tedious task? There isn't...but there is a technical one and we can help you find it. Allow us to walk through your daily workflows and identify opportunities.


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Real testimonials from real customers.

"My experience with ExamRoom Live has been nothing but positive. It is user friendly and anytime I have had a problem; their support team has been quick and helpful. It is a very useful tool in our practice."
Christine Powell
"I want to thank Peter Ferrante for ExamRoom Live and the quick response I get when I need to ask the bubble people questions. I have worked with multiple live support teams in the past and ExamRoom Live is my favorite it has far surpassed my expectations.  Thank you for making my job so much easier."
Marlise Renee
"Exam Room Live is extremely convenient and user friendly. I like that everything I need is all included in one place. Their live support team is extremely helpful and quick to troubleshoot any issues I may come across."
 Jessica Behr